Insurance Agencies

Most small to mid size insurance agencies do not have a full time claim professional on staff.  Many agencies that have “claim departments” are nothing more than an account manager or customer service representative who help to report claims, order loss runs, and follow up on very basic claim questions.  In order to level the playing field with full service insurance agencies/brokers, you must provide claims services by a claim professional who serves as an advocate for your customer.

Our claims professionals have extensive experience working as adjusters for the insurance carriers and third party administrators.  They are also experienced working as claim advocates on the broker/agency side of the business.  Both sides of the insurance business are distinctly different from one another.   It is important to have a claim professional at your disposal who clearly understands how a claim adjuster thinks.  It is also critical to understand the insurance agency side of the business and know what makes their customers tick.  Our goal when working with insurance agents is to help them build and strengthen the relationship with their customers.

Here are some of the services that we provide to agents/brokers and their customers:

            Claim Reviews
            Contingency Commission Claim Audits
            Claim Trending & Analysis
Loss Control Services